BreakThru Boxing

BreakThru Boxing is a unique self defense/boxing program that is built upon three components:

  1. Self Defense: Learning how to respond against a variety of attacks and threats including chokes, grabs, etc.
  2. Boxing/Kickboxing: Learning the fundamentals of boxing including proper punching, kicking and defense.
  3. Cardio Drills: Exercises and routines to both reiterate proper technique and keep you in fighting shape.

As with all BreakThru Fitness classes, BreakThru boxing is for all ages and, due to its small class size, can be tailored for anyone from newcomers to those much more experienced with martial arts.

Our Philosophy

BreakThru Boxing is not a martial arts program: There are no belts, no tests and no competitions.

Instead, the goal of the program is simple, to teach you the skills you need to survive difficult situations and have the fitness level to know your body will react appropriately.

You will learn how to punch, kick, elbow break chokes, escape holds and much more. We focus on practical essentials to help you prepare yourself mentally and physically to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Our Program

BreakThru Boxing meets once per week. Classes last one hour and include a warmup, instruction and drills. Every class aims to provide a combination of offering new instructing, reinforcing fundamentals and pushing your body to the limit.

What to Expect

BreakThru Boxing classes are designed to be intense, instruction-focused course. When you come to a BreakThru Boxing class come prepared to work out hard, sweat and be in close contact with others. Classes involve a great deal of physical contact punching, kicking, and grappling.

These classes are designed to push your mind and your body to the limit so that they can perform when needed during a hazardous situation later.

What to Bring

Bring the same items to the self defense class that you would bring to your general fitness sessions. However, you will not need a protein shake as there is no strength training.

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